Sales post! ~


Welcome to my sales page!~
Please read all the rules carefully before commiting to buy!

Free_Mijumaru_avatar_by_WicansBloodShipping is from the Netherlands, Europe.
Free_Mijumaru_avatar_by_WicansBloodI ship worldwide.~
Free_Mijumaru_avatar_by_WicansBloodSales permission granded at 08-08-2012 by allinia
Free_Mijumaru_avatar_by_WicansBloodPlease ask for a quote if you want one before commiting.
Free_Mijumaru_avatar_by_WicansBloodPayment can only be made by Paypal to:  Stephanie_PocketMonsters@hotmail.com
Free_Mijumaru_avatar_by_WicansBlood Shipping starts at $1,18 inside Europe and $1,25 outside Europe
Free_Mijumaru_avatar_by_WicansBloodOnce I ship a package I am not responsible for lost or damaged items.

minun___thunderbolt_by_axel230-d4mkx3qItems prices DO NOT include Paypal fees and shipping unless otherwhiles stated.

minun___thunderbolt_by_axel230-d4mkx3qI do NOT sell to banned members from the Pokemoncollectors LJ-community.
minun___thunderbolt_by_axel230-d4mkx3q You are commited to buy an item if you say for example ''Pikachu to US'' otherwhiles negative feedback will be left.
minun___thunderbolt_by_axel230-d4mkx3qI do not accept haggling at this time.
minun___thunderbolt_by_axel230-d4mkx3qIf you place a bid in auctions it may NOT be deleted! I get notifications of any comment.

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